Spring/Summer Highlights

We've hand-picked some of our staff favourites and new arrivals which we know will get you in the mood for summer! I know everyone at Fatbirds is definitely wanting to get out on all-day slogs with the sun beating down on their backs.

For those summer rides we'd recommend a hydration pack, with some storage area, handy for puncture kits and multi-tools. Of course, we need to keep the sun out of our eyes so our sunglasses have you covered and an essential addition to your summer riding is our Lifesystems Sun Cream.

If you're unsure on what you need to prepare for Summer then drop into the shop or give us a call.

5 Star Service

We're highly ranked in trust Pilots' Best Cycling Retailer category. You happiness means a great deal to us. It's been 20 years since Fatbirds began and we can honestly say your unwaivering loyalty and passion for cycling keeps reminding us why we do what we do. It makes the long hours and busy weekends worth it! We know we can't compete with the big fish - and honest we don't want to - so we're thankful for your support.

If you've had a great experience with us, we'd love to hear why we made it so good. Likewise, if you feel we could have done better, or something differently, then we'd still love to here from you so it doesn't happen again! In fact, we'd love hearing from you regardless.

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Why choose Buy Online | Fatbirds.co.uk?

Fatbirds lives and breathes bikes and cycling accessories. We've been in business for 18 years - 7 of which have been online - and have built a reputation for the best brands, excellent prices, fantastic cycling knowledge and great customer service.

Over the last 4 years we've developed an addiction to all things Titanium working with companies such as Van Nicholas, Sabbath and Lynskey and believe that we're now Europe's biggest dealer in Titanium road bikes.

We help customers build bikes from frame. We provide fitting measurements and work with customers to specify all the required items - frame type and size , groupset, crank length, cassette size, stem size, bar width - and so on, so that they get the perfect bike for them. We also offer a full fitting service for those who fancy a weekend away on the North Norfolk coast.

We offer a highly secure shopping environment (via sagepay) and next day delivery service on all orders over £15 across the UK. We also deliver around the world.

So, happy shopping! If you've any queries or questions please call us on 01485 535 875 and all comments are gratefully received through info@fatbirds.co.uk